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The Cincinnati story

News: Inkalill forlag is my own publishing company. I have made six books so far: Felina; Friske fraspark (funny animal) Felina; spreke påfunn and Felina; på ville veier. The other three are the Miranda fantasy comic books, Miranda 8, The inner Monster and Miranda 9; The Riddle of thePast, Miranda10; The Spirit Land. All with support from the Art Council Norway.


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Miranda10The journey

Miranda 10; The Spirit land, is completed and published in norwegian, with support from the Art Council Norway. The queen of the Fey are preparing the peaceful countries of the attack from the Sorcerers and their emperor, the Red lord. Miranda has her own plans to help the people, but there are some difficulties to overcome.

She launches an expedition to the lost kingdoms of Dor, to find the forgotten secrets of the Spirit land.

I have been free regarding colors in the book, (eighty pages, color, hard-cover) experimenting with aquarel, colored ink, and almost only clear ink lines, ink air-brush highlights, the shadows with air-brush blue or black.

The long-time plan is to publish my work in english, when I have finished the overall story. The first story in the serial came out in 2003, so it has been underway for 15 years. Now I´m working with the 11th book of the twelve planned. Looks like it will be published in english as e-books.

There is a test sample on , "The Wizard´s Daughter" (book 2 in the serial, translated to english by Lars Doucet, sold out in norway) Difficult to find in the multitude so just use inkalill as a search word and you´ll get there. Nice going! :)

The Arts Council Norway are working on a strategy involving e-books, authors and libraries. I am waiting to see how the dice will fall.


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