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News: Inkalill forlag (my own publishing company) have made four books! Felina; Friske fraspark (Hardcover, 168 pages, color) and Felina; spreke påfunn (Hardcover, 176 pages, color) Now they are joined by my fourth graphic novel book, Miranda 9, The Riddle of thePast.

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My ninth book in the Miranda serial are finished. I have been free regarding colors in the book, (eighty pages, color, hard-cover) experimenting with aquarel, and almost only clear ink lines, the shadows are in color and sometimes rounded with air-brushed black.

The long-time plan is to publish my work in english. Whether it will be as e-book or in print, I don´t know. The Arts Council Norway are working on a strategy involving e-books, authors and libraries. I am waiting to see how the dice will fall.


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